Growing your knowledge

Inclusive marketing is everyone’s responsibility. To ensure the entire team is equipped to make work that reflects the world, create learning opportunities for your team.

Make inclusion a daily practice

Working towards inclusivity isn’t a one-time event. Here are some things you can do every day to foster an atmosphere of inclusion on your team:

  • Make it part of the core job for anyone who influences creative development. Provide the time needed for a deep dive into the principles of inclusive marketing.
  • Find books, articles, and videos that speak to the importance of inclusion both in the workplace and in your community. Create a list to share internally.
  • Encourage your team to seek inspiration beyond their usual sources and ideological perspectives.
  • Create reminders of inclusive marketing best practices that people can display in their workspaces.
  • Ensure the creative team is composed of diverse experiences and perspectives. Give these people a voice and the ability to influence the final product.
A series of revised scripts that flip sterotypes: Open on a woman in a wheelchair working out. Open on a girl playing video games. Open on a Latino man watching his daughter's recital. Open on a mom packing for a business trip.

To remind Google marketers of how to create work that upturns stereotypes, we created this series of posters.

Create space to go deep

Creating inclusive marketing requires us to go beyond the work itself. Training and educational opportunities are good ways to equip teams with the knowledge and skills they need to make inclusive work and work environments.

We’ve worked with experts to build several trainings that support a more inclusive culture, and found the following focus areas to be the most important. Trainings should aim to:

  • Support team members’ inclusive values and practices in their work, and in their interactions with each other.
  • Help managers and directors lead inclusively and hold them and their teams accountable.
  • Break barriers to leadership for team members from underrepresented groups.

Google Inclusive Marketing Workshop

  • At Google, we run a series of workshops for our marketers and agency partners focused on creative strategies that ensure our work reflects the diversity of the world around us. This training - required for every marketing employee - is rooted in the research and partnerships reflected throughout this site.